Name: Max Warnerexternal image fla-man.jpg
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Archetype: Laborer
Location: District 4, Best Boat Builders' Yard
Affiliations: None
Disposition: Dull

Character Background and Description
Max Warner is a 36 year old man caught in the monotony of Columbus. He lives alone in the middle class district of Columbus. During the day, Max works down at the Best Boat Builder's Yard repairing boats that come into port. When his shift ends, a point in the day he always looks forward to, he goes straight home. There he works on old world puzzles he has collected over the years. They bring him a comfort most people don't seem to get. The simplicity of what he is doing and the picture that is revealed at the end is worthwhile to him. Max is not a very social person, outside of interactions with his sister Laura. She stops by to see him every so often, something that Max both adores and despises. His sister is always out and about doing whatever it is she does. She constantly tells him he should get out there too. But Max is happy with what he does now. He enjoys his puzzles and being at home. Relationships are of no real concern to him, whether they are sexual or platonic. In Columbus, this type of personality doesn't mix well with the atmosphere that has been created. So some residents of the town even look at Max as an enigma, or in their words a freak. This stereotype doesn't really bother Max much. In fact, it keeps people out of his business for the most part. There isn't much in the world that excites Max. Growing up with his sister in Columbus, he had a nice childhood. He went through the phases of exploring what the world offered, but in the end, his puzzles were all that really grabbed his attention.