sepherose.pngName: Meric
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Archetype: Marauder
Location: Raider base camp a few miles north of Columbus
Affiliations: The Mountain Wolves
Disposition: Hostile

He is a man that many would describe as a wound spring. Every movement he makes seems to be filled with tension, and his eyes tend to stare with unnerving intensity when he become agitated. While his past as a servant's child meant that he was free of Hydroplague boils for many years, after he became a marauder, they quickly appeared all over. And while he managed to get them under control after a time, they still pop up when the medical rations are low. Meric is a tall man with a tough, wiry build from years out in the wild. His eyes are a piercing blue, his face is gaunt, and his smiles are rare, but genuine.

Character Background
Meric grew up in Columbus, as the child of a servant. He never knew who his father was, though he suspected someone from the feudal lord's family, whom his mother served since she was young. He grew up in the servants' quarters, with a few friends to help pass the time. Eventually, when he was old enough, he got a job down in the kitchens as an assistant cook, and earned a decent living on top of his mother's servant wage. The two of them lived together in relative happiness and peace.

Then one day, as Meric was nearing his twenty-second birthday, he witnessed a visiting noblewoman order her henchman to break his mother's arm after she spilled a bowl of soup over the woman's newly-tailored dress. While he was restrained by his friend for the actual act, he eventually broke free by stabbing him with a kitchen knife, and then charged the group and killed the noblewoman while her guardsman was distracted.

Coming back to his senses, he managed to escape the manor before he was caught, and came across a group of marauders that had been raiding the riverways earlier in the day. They had suffered heavy losses during the attack, and so were more than willing to take Meric into their group. Unfortunately, the life of a bandit is a hard one, with the only medication coming from raids on the towns and riverways.

Meric managed to pull his own weight for a while, as both a cook, and a raider, but recently he's suffered a broken wrist from a clash with some hired vigilantes, and is stuck in base camp a few miles north of Columbus. Those who cannot provide for the group, get no medication.