Name: Mick Robinexternal image 10402608_626455670783694_4163022932749562915_n.jpg?w=552
Age: 40
Sex: Male
Archetype: Criminal/Drug pusher
Location: Water Damaged House
Affiliations: Drug Ring
Disposition: Malicious

Character Background and Description

Mick Robin, what a filthy piece of shit. Not that he looks terrible, actually he looks pretty decent for a man of the lower class, about average health. His Gucci Ray Bans cover his brown eyes and sit so tightly on his bald, round head. No, Mick is a real POS for his drug pushing psychotic behavior. Maybe things would be different if Mick was a down on your luck kinda guy, someone trying to support a family. That isn’t the case though. Mick has no family, he just enjoys watching others suffer. The spiral of addiction and death just fascinates him, as if he were a scientist playing God with lab mice. Mick had a normal upbringing, well as normal as it gets in this world. Two loving parents, an English father and a Russian mother. Maybe during his youth someone should have noticed how he loved to torture animals. The ways he loved to maim them, experiment on them, and use their bodies like dolls. It was when Mick turned 15 that he found animal torture to be incredibly boring. There was a lust that was unquenchable. For five more years Mick wandered around. Wondering, what could he do to fill this void in his life. Only a few days after his 20th birthday, Mick found a connection with a drug ring known as the First Block Providers. An innocuous name for a group of thugs who sold drugs to the lowest of the classes. While Mick’s job supplied him with a little extra wealth than needed to survive, it was never about the profits. He had finally found his long term experiment.

Mick is average height with a round bald head. His hazel eyes have a cold stare to them that would make even a wolf back away in fear. He is normally found wearing his leather jacket and jeans, but his Gucci Ray Bans are always on his head. Some say he even sleeps with them on.