sample_pc.pngName: Miriam Bennett
Age: 43
Sex: Female
Archetype: Public Services
Location: Omaha
Affiliations: Upper Class
Disposition: Miserable
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Character Background and Description

Born into a family of esteemed wealth, Miriam Bennett’s upbringing was one of the best Columbus could possibly offer. With her parents’ fame as a leading doctor and aide to the Governor’s office, Miriam’s potential for greatness was never questioned by the friends of her family. However, Miriam herself was, and remained, hesitant and fearful of failure. As a child, she was pensive, often keeping to herself when she was afforded the chance between lessons and networking parties hosted by her parents. As she grew older, Miriam took a deep interest in public works and government, much like her mother, Joanne, who served as a close and trusted source of comfort for Miriam to let her guard down and open up her fears to. While still hesitant, Miriam began to learn how to adopt a more confident persona, able to contribute a great deal to discussions on what best to do in Columbus to maximize utility and earning potential for the upper class. Following these meetings, Miriam would often lock herself away in her room and give herself away to (quiet) panic attacks.

Shortly after her 33rd birthday, Miriam was stricken as her mother died following her attempts to reestablish the Columbus Airport. Following the formation of the Airport Act, Miriam lashed out against the Governor, and with her family’s reputation, was able to get them to establish an airport at Zerger's Automotive, which Miriam now oversees.

A slender, brown and healthy woman, in public Miriam is sharp and to the point, often appearing to disinterested and unreadable. In her private time, Miriam’s exterior melts away to show a woman trapped in an endless cycle of grief and stress, never truly recovering from her only confidant’s death and the meaning the airport had to her. Quite often before bed, Miriam will gather medicine and crush it into a bottle of water as a means to relax enough to get to bed.