sample_pc.pngprupx52inzyqtcvzdnduk2ghrbdh2md7xf0suzl_9ykx6js3g6trtda6lnitwr48fjupl4_zhttl2jqmvbfzpu.jpgName: Mrs. Morgan Bigsby
Age: 36
Sex: Female
Archetype: Church Staff
Location: Good Words Fellowship
Affiliations: Good Words Church goers, Slums
Disposition: Old fashioned, Extremely Religious, strong willed, confrontational

Character Background and Description
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"If you hear loud shouting and see a cane swinging off in the distance you know the Old Sheriff is on her way." -Slums Local

Mrs. Bigsby, The Old Sheriff, is a local to the slums who has seen more than her fair share of the degradation of the area. She wears white gloves, now stained from years of dust and grime, cover her blistered hands, along with a long sunday dress and sun hat, to keep her already plague ridden skin from potentially getting burned. Her cane, a long branch splintered at the bottom from frequent use , can always be found nearby and changes out every few years, or earlier from use for "disciplinary means"

Abandoned at an early age, as it was equally as hard years ago to take care of children, Mrs. Bigsby was taken in by the old Pastor of the Fellowship, while he was still keeping the church active. There she was raised with a few of the other children from the area, who came often with their parents who came to pray or take what free rations they could. The two would keep the church running for some time, however, the constant vigilante acts in the area and increase of the plague only served to reduce the following, from its already dwindling backing.

However, this did not seem to shake her faith as she managed to hold onto the faith she had, believing one day they would all come out of the plague if they stayed faithful. This however didn't always bode well with those around her, as she was extremely confrontational about her beliefs and often butted her nose in the business of those around her. Though this would all change when the pastor died when she was 18. The plague had taken him, even with his faith and those around did not show sympathy but instead spite, claiming that their beliefs could do nothing to stop the plague. All of this happening too quick for her to handle, and lead to her almost committing suicide, though she was too scared to take her own life.

For the next few years she tried her best to keep spreading the word of the Fellowship, though to little avail. Until one day she met a young man named Richard Bigsby who, although he had contracted the plague far worse than any she had met at their age, who seemed to receive the message she was attempting to spread. This eventually lead to him aiding with the church more and more, though his motives slowly shifted from just aiding the church and instead to a relationship with Morgan. The two, marrying about a year later.

Sadly the plague would claim Richard in the upcoming years, leaving Morgan once again alone in the world. Though this time around she choose to spread her word even more for her dead loved ones. Though the plague had started to take its tole on her as well. Soon she would need a cane to get around properly and the sun to painful should she be exposed for too long. She still lives by the code she had always, trying to force her beliefs on those around her and taking care of any who appear on the churches steps, determined to prove the plague would not take her.