Category: Commercial external image interior.jpg
Size: Small bar
Condition: Dirty, grimy, worn
Inhabitants: Agnes Momouth, vigilantes, disfigured

A speak-easy on the waterfront. The front room is loud, and rowdy. Furniture is made of mostly reclaimed wood, stained with age, alcohol, and river mud. The floorboards are probably rotted with water damage, evident in the sloping northwest corner. Regulars include vigilantes, local working class, the disfigured and other outcasts. Fights are commonplace, especially on paydays. The bartender, Agnes, is a middle-aged woman of Haitian descent with deep superstitions.

There is a rickity dock that rarely sees traffic during daylight hours. Although many think it to be legend, this dock serves the black market drug trade under the cover of night. Any given night, a raft may dock up and offload unmarked cargo. This remains to be proven true, however.

The back room or lower level serves as a den for illicit drug use, and some addicts rarely leave.