external image dominique-tipper-2.jpg?w=151&h=224&crop=1Name: Naomi Watts
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Archetype: Barkeep
Location: Dugal's Bar

Affiliations: Dugal and the rest of his staff
Disposition: Compassionate

Character Background and Description
As a young black woman working at a bar in the water transportation district, Naomi interacts with a wide variety of characters during her afternoon shifts at the bar (Dugal never lets her work late, for fear of her getting caught up with the usual late night rowdyness at the bar). She's a hard worker who lends a compassionate ear to those who need it, but never at the expense of leaving any of her customers waiting. During the day she can be found spending her free time at the Columbus Public Library, or volunteering to help with water distribution at District 5's Water Distribution Center when she's not busy running errands to help support her family. She strives to make the best of her community and helping those in need (her mother being a reformed gambler at Garaway's House Of Fortune is an ever-present reminder of what addiction can do to an otherwise wonderful person), but like any other extrovert, she tends to have a strong reliance on social interactions to feel at ease. When left on her own, as she often is when she is spending time at the library or running errands, Naomi thinks too much and has a strong tendency to over-analyze her interactions with others to the point that she spoils her relationship with them the next time she meets them by making obtuse assumptions about their disinterest with her as a person. In addition to this, she's a well known citizen among all the sailors who ship between Omaha and Columbus, (as they frequent Dugal's Bar given it's proximity to the ports of District 4) the citizens of District 5 who she volunteers to help at the distribution center, and a small collective of individuals addicted to gambling she's working to start a support group for.