sample_pc.pngshaved-haircuts-tumblr-2.jpgName: Neith Barlow
Age: 32
Sex: Female
Archetype: Thief
Location: The Wardings, 5th St Flea Market, other higher scale markets
Affiliations: Red Hand, Collectivist
Disposition: Criminal

Character Background and Description
Neith is a most middle Eastern, somewhat Egyptians, lots of who knows what and a bit of an oddity. She is very poor and an orphan, but she could care less about family. All she's ever cared about is getting even. With the guy who picked on her as a kid or the man in the park who wouldn't stop scream singing and scared all the birds away, to the people in the uppity-up who have all the water, and no mind to share it. Quite the opposite of shy, Neither doesn't always understand personal space or cleanliness or personal anythings. The only thing she owns are the clothes on her back, her stilts, and her lock picks.

However, as much as she want's to get even with the world, she not a very malicious person. Robbing things, hurting people a bit, scaring people a lot, all of that's okay in her book, but she's not a killer. Well, not unless she as a reason. She's a bit bipolar. Or maybe ADD. Definitely that last one. Neith is great with her hands, especially when it comes to breaking into things. Or just breaking them. She's also a talker, but the lack of education and heavy street slang can make her a nightmare to understand.

Small time criminal though she might be, she does so out of her believe in collectivism. She sometimes runs with a small gang called the Red Hand, which has a similar understanding - looking out for the little people. They tend to favor graffiti and Neith greatly enjoys leaving red hand prints and other dirty scribbles all over richer neighborhoods. Her girlfriend is also a member of this group and Neith will fight anyone who dares both her girl. She's very possessive and protective of her friends. Neith is somewhat of a Robin Hood stereotype, though not nearly as fantastic or like-able. Even a lot of the other poor don't appreciate the bad name she gives them, purified water or other supplies. Typically, Neith tries to steal only from the upper class, unless of course someone else pissed her off for some reason, which is probably pretty easy. She wants to tear down the lord and distribute everything, not just divide by district and then spread it out. And she wants to break open all the stores and vaults of the rich hoarders.

Despite being poor, Neith has managed to avoid contracting the plague. She believes herself to just have been careful, with her stilts and stealing freshwater and never taking that stupid shit they call medicine unless it comes from the clean building. She is very small and spry, and typically shaves one side of her head, sometimes all of it. She's a very decisive person, but always interested in knew and different things. She's feels she must always be doing something useful.