th23-SCIENTIST__TH_1527053e.jpgName: Nesha Brenigan
Age: 34
Sex: Female
Archetype: Scholar/Engineer
Location: The Middle Class district
Affiliations: The Engineers
Disposition: Dutiful

Slightly taller than average, Nesha has short black hair, and a sturdy build. Like many living in the middle class district, she has few boil scars and is much healthier looking than those from the slums. Her face is round, and she has the tendency to glare more than she smiles.

Character Background
Nesha is the daughter of Micheal Brenigan, who made great contributions to the re-engineering of the river boats many years back. Against the approval of his peers, Micheal took his daughter under his wing and taught her all he knew about engineering and old world tech. Eager to learn, Nesha gobbled up everything he had to teach her, and then went to the library to learn more.

Unfortunately, when she reached her teenage years, Nesha began experiencing rare side effects to the primary drug of choice for treating the plague's symptoms, Nazodone. A few hours after taking it, she becomes extremely exhausted, and then experiences successive waves of migraines for the following few hours. And while she is of mixed-race descent, Nesha still requires the occasional dose to fully negate the symptoms and focus on her work.

When she was in her twenties, Nesha's father died from the outbreak of influenza that hit Columbus in the springtime. The two of them had been jointly been working on a more efficient powergrid for the town. Her father's final wish for her was to complete their work and bring about a better quality of life for the people of the town. He also left instructions to his partner, the now-head engineer, that she be allowed the resources to do so.

In addition to this, her “colleagues” consistently steal from her designs and incorporate them into their own creations, but when she brings it up to the head engineer, he just brushes her aside. Nesha is under no illusions that she is only allowed to work as an engineer at all because of her late father's wishes, but she continues working; determined to fulfill his dream, and prove herself in the process.