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Category: Religious
Size: Large church, the narthex has seating for maybe 400 people
Condition: Restored, but not quite up to code
Inhabitants: The pastor

This church used to be the location of Highland Park Evangelical, before the disease spread through the world. Now, it's sort of an official denomination that the community can belong to. The pastor keeps in quite close contact with the local ruling class, to make sure that his teachings are in line with their beliefs. The church is so named "Noah's Ark," because religion has shifted towards Noah as a prophet, given the similarity of his story and the world's. The church is old, but in good repair. Most of the pews are usable, and those that aren't are in the process of being fixed. Most windows were smashed, and plaster started falling apart, but these fixes weren't too difficult for some of the handier religious folk. The signage out front has been redone to resemble the new name, as the old signs had fallen into disarray. The field in front is a great place for some of the youth in town to hang out, even if there aren't that many of them any more. The location in the 2nd district allows access to all classes when they'd like to go to church.