South building, Orths Square Apartments

Category: Residential
Size: 1 square block, medium apartment complex
Condition: Half crumbling, but habitable
Inhabitants: 30-35 families, middle/upper class

Orths Square is an apartment complex located in the middle class district on the northwest side of Columbus The entire complex consists of three residential buildings, one club house, and two long garages on either side of the apartment buildings. The residents and a very tight knit group and look out for each other, using a shared rain water supply to support the needs of the many.

The club house at the north end is mostly in ruins. Years ago, longer than most people remember, the club house was claimed by one of the wealthier residents, a food merchant who profited off the other residents and took over control of the complex. It's unclear exactly what happened, but there's stories that the old merchant stepped out of line and caught the attention of the lord of Columbus. The club house was burned down, the merchant's family still inside, though who started the fire is unknown. Many believe it was the lord at the time, or one of his vigilantes. Or maybe it was the eldest daughter, angry at what her father had done. It's all a bunch of fairy tails, ancient past. The remains of the club house have been picked clean, the surviving wood and metal taken by Orths Square residents to shore up the complex buildings. The concrete foundation remains, along with some re-bar. The space is very empty and covered in dust and dirt. Local kids use the flat concrete for games during the day.

The pool is the only part still in use - tarps on poles and plastic pipes are set up to collect rain water and funnel it into the pool. There is a crude barbed fence around the pool to keep the private water supply safe. While not always filed with water, the pool area is kept very clean and protected from the wind and other elements. Lookouts on the roof of the residential buildings nearby keep an eye out for thieves and scavengers and alert the complex watch, composed of the able bodied residents.

About 20 years ago, the eastern residential building collapsed due to poor supports and dry timber and over crowding. The other residence have made space for some of the remaining families on the roof, using rubble from the third building to construct shelters that have been built up overtime due to the availability of building materials and their water source to purchase more. The west building and the south building both have about 15 families, most taking up one or two units of the building. It can be very confusing about who lives in what rooms and some rooms have walls torn down to make more space and connect the rooms. Rooms are the lower floor are used for group meetings and day cares and the like. The exterior is peeling and faded, some of the siding torn of and exposing concrete. Parts of the structures are sagging, but they appear fairly solid. The interiors are decently sized rooms, typically very hot due to the summer heat and number of bodies. The lower rooms are a bit more humid. There is a distinct smell of mint throughout the west building and sometimes the south building, as one of the residents grows this herb for sale for food and treats for children, and for medicinal reasons.