sample_pc.pngName: Oscar Geshwyn
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Archetype: Farmer
Location: Slums
Affiliations: Himself
Disposition: Power Hungry
external image eminem1.jpg

Character Background and Description

Oscar Geshwyn is the son of two farmers in the slums of Columbus. He was born with a series of boils running down his back, leaving severe scarring in their place as he grew older. From the very moment he turned 4, he was thrust into work by his father, who was growing more and more weak as time went on from his sickness. As his father’s condition deteriorated, Oscar’s mother revealed that she was pregnant...but not by Oscar’s father. Enraged, his father attempted to rise and strike the woman, but fell over down the stairs from an involuntary spasm in his legs, paralyzing him from the waist down. Soon after his fourth birthday, Oscar’s younger sister, Andreya was born. Unlike the rest of his family, Andreya was born in rather good health, and became the center of affection for the family as a way to make a name for themselves among the middle class. Neglected and jealous, Oscar took his frustrations out on the farm, becoming known widely throughout the slums as a hothead and aggressive.

After Andreya’s departure for her mechanic apprenticeship, Oscar grew to have his own taste of adventure that his “perfect bastard sister” had handed to her. He despised his parents for only using him to keep themselves alive and well, especially his father, who he sees as little more than a fat cow that’s grazed a bit too long. Oscar is the leader of his own small gang of farm boys, frequently going around the slums to cause trouble. It’s his dream to one day join the vigilantes and get the chance to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.