Category: Medical
Size: Hand-held
Weight: a few pounds
Value: moderately expensive

The otoscope is a hand-held black and silver light used by doctors for peering into ears and throats. It has a magnifying lens on one side of the top half, and on the other side is a conical light. The otoscope requires a special battery specifically built for the otoscope, making the use of the otoscope a decision not to be made lightly. The handle of the otoscope is heavier than it looks. Doctors use the otoscope to determine if there are obstructions, injuries, or infections in the ears or throat of their patients. It is most commonly intended to be used in the ear. However, it is a good light source to see the inside and back of a throat to look for signs of a sore throat. It helps to promote ear health in children, who are most likely to develop ear infections that could damage their hearing if left untreated and undiscovered.