picks and scoops.jpg
Category: Domestic
Value: Varies based on materials used, but usually very cheap

With traditional eating utensils like forks and spoons so scarce in the poorer districts, replacements have been created from scrap metal. A pick is a thin rod of metal, similar to a chopstick, that people use in place of a fork, while scoops are essentially crude spoons fashioned by flattening the end of a pick.

That's not to say that these have totally replaced the traditional utensils, forks and spoons are still brought out during celebrations and other important events, but picks and scoops have taken their place when it comes to everyday use.

However, these aren't the sturdiest of creations, and break fairly easily. Luckily though, they are extremely easy to create in large numbers, and can be replaced with relative ease. Because of this, blacksmiths have at least a small source of reliable income for the periods when business slows down.