external image bigstock-repairman-mechanic-portrait-wi-87855800-660x330.jpgName: Petey "Pistol" Dufresne
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Archetype: Mechanic
Location: Lives in District 5, works at IX Transport in District 4
Affiliations: IX Transport Mechanics, Water Courier for Rainwater Shanty
Disposition: Friendly
Motivation: Provide for sickly mother, maintain Machine Gun Tony's respect
Economic Class: lower class
Health: Average

Character Background and Description:
Petey was born into the low class society of Columbus' District 5, though his health is considerably better than that of those days away from succumbing to hydroplague. He has a line of boils along his legs, but he is always keen to cover them with long pantlegs. His trusty mechanic overalls sure do the trick. He also bears slightly gangly patches of skin discoloration along his neck. His father was French and his mother was Dutch, and thus he inherited a slight immunity to the full brunt of the disease. His father fell victim to the plague when he was just a boy, and his mother is in her final stage of life, withering away a little more each day.He spends his days earning a modest living to provide for his dying mother. Petey, all the while, is doing his best to hide the repressed anger of facing mortality again, when he had always been told that being a good person would make everything just right in the world. To Petey, his mother is his world, and all he has left. As he is skilled with his hands, Petey is a natural mechanic, and takes a bike to District 4 each morning to work for Machine Gun Tony at IX Transport, where he repairs the few buses in its garage. Tony values Petey's work ethic, and has grown to be his right-hand man, appointing him the nickname "Pistol Petey," (Pistol, for short). In the wake of his father's death, Machine Gun Tony has served as a surrogate fatherly figure, and he does the most in his power to maintain Tony's respect. Petey is the lead mechanic at IX, and also works weekly for Rainwater Raina as a water courier, loading up and driving stockpiles of fresh, bottled rainwater and delivering them to customers of any and all districts.As he is her favorite courier, she sneaks him a spare portion of bottled water to gift him each week, which he donates to the needier neighbors of District 5. Regardless of his low-class status, Petey is generally well-received by all residents of Columbus, always donning his trademark smile. Behind the smile and the selfless behavior, however, there is a repressed well of anger that Petey has never addressed at length. He does his best to always remain composed regardless of the situation, but with the recent ongoing vigilante raids of water courier buses, one unlucky rogue may just cause him to snap one of these days...