Category: Medical gmkrl51.jpg
Size: a briefcase
Weight: 15 pounds
Value: Extremely rare, priceless


This is a testing kit put together for the purpose of analyzing the hydroplague. It came from a far city that has better conditions than Columbus. It is best to keep the ownership of one secret or else people will go to great lengths to obtain it, even if they don't have the extensive bio medical training to understand what they are supposed to do with it.

It has two main purposes: analyzing the hydroplague in water and analyzing the hydroplague in bodily fluids, most commonly blood or puss. Ideally it is used to test the water source the patient drinks from, then to test their blood or puss as the disease develops. This gives the user a clear picture of how the disease goes from being in the water to the human body, and what symptoms and conditions result at each stage in the disease. It has various vaccines, chemicals, and medications with it as well. Not a large enough amount to give to the patients, but large enough for the person using it to keep themselves healthy.

Water Analysis: Just a few drops of water mixed with a drop of dye to highlight the hydroplague when placed on a slide under a microscope. Further tests may be conducted, but this is enough for a trained eye to determine whether the hydroplague is present in the water source.

Blood Analysis: All the user needs from the patient is a drop of blood (from a finger prick) or some puss (swabbed with a q-tip). This analysis can take hours or days.