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Category: Agricultural
Size: Size of an average house
Condition: Mostly clean, looks fairly new
Inhabitants: Rainwater Raina, customers, Machine Gun Tony's mechanics

The Rainwater Shanty is a rainwater collecting retailer on the outskirts of District 4, whose shack's roof has a collection pipeline attached to it, such that rainwater collects and slides off the roof, into the pipe, down into an accumulation tank, then dispersed individually and packaged into bottles. It is the only legal rainwater distributor in Columbus, as enacted by the feudal lord. The owner, affectionately referred to as Rainwater Raina, is a no-nonsense Creole woman whose primary motive is providing a service to her community unimpeded by outside forces. Legally, she must forfeit 40% of her monthly bottled water reserves to the feudal lord as a fee, and she also has a business partnership with Machine Gun Tony where she trades 10% more of her reserves in exchange for using Tony's mechanics as deliverymen, driving buses full of bottled water to all districts. Raina's business policy is to conduct sale with anyone of any race, class, or health status. Her drive to do work with little impositions is dragged by her contractual obligation to the feudal lord (which she stews about in silence), as well as the ongoing bus raids vigilantes conduct on en route deliverymen, stealing entire shipments of bottled water. As such, Raina has recently gone back on her now-former policy by restricting sale to any and all vigilantes.