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Name: Richard Jameson
Age: 38
Sex: male
Archetype: accountant
Location: At home in Centaurus Neighborhood
Affiliations: Familialy associated to vigilantes, not personally
Disposition: Timid

Character Background and Description

An upper class citizen his whole life, Dick Jameson’s parents gained their wealth by controlling water distribution from high up in the Columbus class pyramid. He lived a cozy life, as their wealth grew by renting out land in other districts in Columbus. Their rent was maintained by the significant network of vigilantes, who took a small cut for themselves each month, but made sure that the rest always got back across the runway. Richard has yet to deal with the vigilantes, as his dad has really hung on in his old age, but isn’t quite sure he has the stomach to deal with it. He’s too timid to say much, and so his parents speak at length about the great things he’ll do for their family name, but Richard would really like to just curl up with a good textbook, and unearth the secrets that the old world explained to him through lasting words.
Richard didn’t really like the idea of class divides, at least in theory, but in practice it’s all he’s ever known, and so his life is full of classism that he hardly notices. He’s known to ramble for hours about the discrepancies in quality of life between the rich, and lower class, while following his parent’s maid around the house as she cleans and listens patiently. All this he does with a textbook under his arm, which somehow disappears as soon as either one of his parents show up.
Richard is slowly becoming more independent from his parents, and as he watches them slowly lose more and more of their once fantastic health to old age, he’s started to realize that if he really wants to do something big it’s going to have to happen now. Call it a midlife crisis of sorts, he’s decided that when the time comes, he’s going to leave his mark on the world, in his own unique way. He’s not entirely sure that he knows how to react if a situation presents itself, and he might not be able to do much right, but everyone knows that it’s the thought that counts.
In terms of holding a steady job, Richard has slowly taken over running the books for his parents. They do a lot of the decision making, but he keeps track of all the finances, and let’s them know how they’re doing overall. His mother makes a lot of the financial decisions, and his father handles dealing with the vigilantes and making the tenants pay.