Rickerty Caravan Wagon.jpg
Category: Transportation
Size: About the size of a pick-up truck
Weight: Around 800 lbs
Value: Inexpensive (the wagon itself)

By far not the fanciest mode of transport, this caravan gets the job done. It’s generally referred to as “that rickety thing”. It’s made out of simple wooden boards nailed together. While it is quite stable and able to hold up to six barrels of water, it doesn’t look like it. There is a simple bench in the front for the driver and a guard, with another bench on the back for another guard or two. This particular wagon is pulled by two animals, a large half-draft bay horse named Argus and a smaller but still sturdy donkey named Mylo. The two animals are very hardworking with great stamina, and can travel for quite a bit without stopping for food and water.