sample_pc.pngNasian.jpgame: Riley Pei
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Archetype: Doctor's Apprentice
Location: Doctor's Guild
Affiliations: Doctor's Guild

Disposition: Dynamic

Character Background and Description
Riley was born blessed with good health. While she contracted the plague, she was spared most of it's harsh symptoms. Her family however, had never been so lucky. She had been an oddity, a success in heredity, helping to prove the theory of mixed breeding practices. Owing her genes to an oriental mother and French father, she was an attractive young girl from the slums. From a young age Riley had loved the opportunity to fight against obstacles that seemed immense to those around her. People flocked to her, seeing tenacity and strength that seemed to flow from every pore on her body. Her enthusiasm flowed in waves toward everything she set her mind to, seemingly a natural at most anything. By age 14, she had already been taken in as the apprentice to the great Dr. Bartle, who clearly saw the potential in her that everyone else saw as well. It was at this point that Riley set her mind to a new mammoth task. She wanted to understand, and cure the hydroplague. She wanted to spare the people of Columbus, and everywhere else, of the pain that her family had endured while being dealing with the illness. She wanted to give the world something it hadn't had in 3 generations. She wanted to give the world its health back. she wanted to level the playing field, and help the people of the town that had given her so much. She knew this was no easy task, and set out to learn as much from Dr. Bartle as she could before becoming a full fledged doctor. Armed with the only the supplies given standard by the guild, she set out to do what no one had dreamed possible for 100 years, and she was determined to see her goals reached.

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