Name: Robert Gibsonexternal image 5C2C9AD9-3518-4EF6-A6DC-C324AFDE8DA6_cx0_cy8_cw0_mw1024_s_n_r1.jpg
Age: 48
Sex: male
Archetype: farmer
Location: Pawnee Park
Affiliations: none
Disposition: Subtle

Character Background and Description
Robert Gibson is a potato farmer who is dying of cancer. He owns a small half-acre plot of potatoes in the old Pawnee Park, where people often trade rations for some of his potatoes. He is quiet and prefers the company of his plants to the company of people. However, when one is willing to silently work alongside him in his field, he may offer some sage pieces of wisdom. Robert is generally tolerant of the infected that he lives near, and will generally allow them to buy his potatoes, provided that they put in an honest day's work.
Robert's grandfather served as a police officer during the virus' conception, and fortunately was immune to the disease. When he was young, his grandfather often told him stories of the times before the virus, when the world was bright and water was plentiful. Robert constantly thinks about the days when times were simpler, and would often go exploring the ruined places in his youth. One thing that Robert wishes he could have seen was the city all lit up at night, back when electricity was plentiful and unlimited. When his parents were killed by vigilantes for stealing water, Robert fled their district and set up his home in an abandoned gardening shed, where he began to plant his potato crops. Since he doesn't have much time to live, he often dwells upon his regrets. His wife had died in childbirth twenty-four years ago, leaving him with their daughter, Alicia. When his daughter turned sixteen, she had run off to Omaha to find her own way, and Robert has not seen her since. His greatest wish is to see her one last time before he passes away. His Catholic faith was passed down to him by his grandfather, and he still secretly practices his faith in his home.