Name: Roryexternal image 2BE471D000000578-3219171-image-m-87_1441163717986.jpg
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Archetype: Runaway
Location: Scrap Yard
Affiliations: Unknown
Disposition: Naive, scrappy, independent

Character Background and Description
Rory is an orphan and refugee who escaped from Mississippi River slavers at age 10. She's a survivor. Rory is clever but naive, and has her mind set on one plan: to get back to Memphis -- with a cure -- and save her parents from the plague.

Rory was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to a well educated and medically trained couple. Rory was taken by slavers (since she was a young, healthy girl) during a raid of a large medical facility where her parents worked. Rory was only 8 at the time, but still has vivid nightmares of the raiders dumping medicine, breaking equipment, and tainting the fresh water supply. After 2 years at the mercy of the slaver clan, Rory escaped from their camp and eventually wound up in Columbus, Nebraska. She changed her name from what her parents called her (out of fear that the slavers would find her again), assuming the alias "Rory."

For 6 years she has worked as a mechanic and assistant at the Scrap Yard, saving up supplies and spare parts, and Rory pours all of her free time into repairing a junked 172R Skyhawk. "Just something to keep her busy," and "it's a lost cause," are a few of the nicer things to be heard from people who see her at work. Rory, however, holds firm in the belief that once she gets it up and running, she has a chance to rescue her parents and start a new life with her old family. Her room is filled with piles and piles of notebooks, blueprints, plans and more plans. Only time will tell if she succeeds.