external image SVilleBoatBuilder.jpgName: Salem Walker
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Archetype: Laborer, Salvager
Location: District 1, The Best Boat Builders' Yard
Affiliations: Boat Builder
Disposition: Contemplative

Character Background and Description
Salem is a very thoughtful man, his head often in the clouds. He is very curious and interested in learning and knowing the truth, but with his lower class position, he is mostly uneducated. He loves to solve problems and fix things so that they work better. He's an introvert and not well spoken, but he prides himself on his engineering and skill with his hands.

He grew up in the favela, his parents both of mixed blood from rival neighborhoods so he was often picked on and left out of the local children's games, being called too good for them, since many children were purebloods, or simply ostracized because he was too tan for one group and too light for another. This left him with a lot of time on his own that he would spend exploring through salvage to find materials. He became very good at building things and solving problems - fixing up drain pipes or crafting simple stilts for people and more around the favela. He started working at the boat builders yard since he didn't have any signs of the hydroplague, though his parents did.

He very badly wants to raise a family of his own, but his girlfriend is very much against this idea. He's been struggling for years to find someone who accepts him and he's not even sure if she does or is just using him. Often, he helps to ration out the water for the district and isn't quite sure how to handle riots. He lives in a leaning shack of the favela, but it's very well maintained. He owns a few small tools, but not much else besides a few clothes, some boots, bedding and whatever food and water he gets rationed from the district.

Salem is man of average weight but a very heavy bone structure, making him look somewhat gangly and chimpanzee like even for a man of his age. He is a mix of European and some Hispanic bloodlines, though from his work in the yard, he is very tan. His hair is a dark brown and he is often covered in sawdust and grim.