beardman.jpgName: Sam Cracker
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Archetype: Drunkard
Location: Dugal's Bar
Affiliations: N/A
Disposition: Gentle

Character Background and Description

Sam wasn’t always very poor. As a child, he was part of the lower class, along with his two sisters, his mother, and his father. Sam’s mother died in childbirth when he was ten, but his baby sister survived. Within the year after his mother’s death, his family tore itself to pieces. His father, in pain from the loss of his wife, became a heavy drug user. Sam’s oldest sister also became a drug user, following in the example of their father. His second-oldest sister ran away from home with her boyfriend, swearing she would never come back. Thus, it was left to young Sam to attempt to raise his infant sister, Sunny, on his own. He bartered what possessions his family had on getting things that Sunny needed, like a wet nurse and diapers. He spent the next three years doing his best for his sister. He worked odd jobs so he could provide for Sunny, but his insistence that she remain with him at all times meant that he wasn’t able to keep most of his jobs.

At age three, Sunny contracted the hydroplague when she drank some bad water. Sam, in desperation, took her to a medicine woman. But no matter what they tried, Sunny only got worse. She died in Sam’s arms one beautiful cloudless morning.

With Sunny’s death, Sam’s brightness dimmed. He never smiled or laughed, and simply didn’t act like a kid anymore. He found it very hard to find motivation to do anything, until the hunger got so intense that he had to eat. His days became about finding food and sleeping. Years passed in a haze. At fifteen, he started drinking alcohol, and would have a drink whenever he had something to barter for it. This gave him some motivation again, and he would start looking for items that he could barter for alcohol. Spending time at bars became his pastime and his pleasure. He became known at the bars as an excellent listener and a good shoulder to cry on, if one was in need. Sam had always had a gentle heart, and it hurt him to see other people hurt. As a result of his honest kindness, sometimes people will buy him drinks.