Shanty town.jpg
Category: Residential
Size: Extremely small town (max 10 or so shared houses)
Condition: beaten, falling apart
Inhabitants: The half living (Sick survivors)


As the name implies this, shanty town, was thrown together far off of the rich residential sectors, its condition barely manageable. Most of the town is hobbled together from old debris and remains. The extremely ill fortunate managed to piece it together, as they could not afford to live in many of the other districts. This dead town is sustainable only due to the fact that it is close to the district 5 water distribution center. Those who wish to work must make long commutes to any stable business, only to return days later for quick doses of rest. Not everyone managed to be able to take advantage of the lord’s favor and the poor souls who inhabit the town are certainly not amongst that list.
To cover their ailments the people often wrap themselves in pieces of old cloth, giving them a ill and mummified appearance. The other residence of columbus have taken to calling the people from this town, and their unique look, the half-living.