external image image1-4.jpgName: Shed Burton
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Archetype: Addict/Freeloader
Location: Mad Maggie's Wayhouse (
http://worldbuilding.wikispaces.com/Mad+Maggie%27s+Wayhouse) or the Water Damaged House (

Affiliations: The drifters at the Water Damaged House, Mad Maggie
Disposition: Intolerant

Character Background and Description
Shed is a freeloader in every sense of the word. As an individual with a heavy hydrophage infection and no motivation to take care of himself, he spends his time (and what little barterable goods he has) in a haze of drug-induced highs. Shed's bartered a deal with Mad Maggie where for each week he's gone sober he's earned a three night's stay, but he lies through his teeth every week to get a bed to sleep in outside of the Wardings (
https://worldbuilding.wikispaces.com/The+Wardings ). When he isn't stretching the truth to sleep at Maggie's, Shed tries to pick up a woman at the bars to go home with, and when all else fails, he stays the night on the softest part of the floor in the Water Damaged House that he can find, often not five feet away from a puddle of ever-changing bodily fluids. He has a "job" of delivering freshly produced Sludge (
http://worldbuilding.wikispaces.com/Sludge) to the Water Damaged House, pulling in just enough resources to stave of starvation, while stealing Sludge for himself straight out of the shipment. The true opposite of a renaissance man, Shed refuses to change his lifestyle, instead relying on the trust of others to scrape by day to day, using his complete lack of any talents to fly under the radar of anyone who would care enough to call him out on his freeloading. Shed "works" (steals drugs while pretending to deliver them) enough to maintain his "lifestyle" (of not dying from overdose or malnutrition) and find his next high and next clean bed he can swindle his way into. His health is just a hair above critically ill and he maintains that tight balance through pure luck and is as likely to find a clean bed in the upper class districts as he is to survive the next 24 hours.