Category: Industrial
Size: One Building
Condition: Rundown, but functional
Inhabitants: Mechanics
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Situated in the ruins of the former Zerger's Automotive, the Skyhawk Maintenance Field serves as a central hub for Skyhawks coming into Columbus from other settlements. Many years ago, the former Columbus Municipal Airport used to be a dumping ground for waste and refuse. Miriam Bennett’s mother, Joanne Strauss, fought for decades to gain control of the facility to return it to its proper place as an airport. Unfortunately, after Joanne’s death 10 years before the present day, her urgings were swept under the rug and the airport was soon commandeered by Vivian Greenwich and her armed squadron.

After incessant complaints from the Bennett family in the days following the formation of the Airport Act, the Columbus Governor anointed Zerger's Automotive as the newly designated airport.

The Maintenance Field is manned by upwards to twenty mechanics per day. Mechanics often split into four teams of five people each, and often have small competitions between themselves to break up the monotony of their days. There’s a fairly even gender ratio between men and women, although both groups tend to get younger as the years pass on. Currently, the youngest known mechanic on the force is Andreya Gershwin at age 17.

Skyhawk Care
Skyhawks are relatively simple to take care of, excluding cases of heavy disrepair. At most, there’s only ever been up to 5 fully functional Skyhawks at a time in the history of Columbus. Most others are damaged beyond repair or simply used as a “training doll” for incoming apprentices to learn their way around its systems.