Category: Medical
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Size: No designated size, but is usually stored in a 4 oz. bottle.
Weight: 0.3 lbs
Value: With how dangerous the drug is to make, Sludge is definitely a higher valued item than others, though the dealer is the one to name their actual price.

Sludge is an addictive, toxic recreational drug used in Columbus. It's source is the river on the southern border of the town. Permanently tainted with both Hydroplague and other pollutants from when the disease first arrived, it is not a healthy source of water. However, if the bottom of the river is scrapped and then the water is boiled out of it, Sludge is created. This process is very dangerous. First one must wade through the toxic river to obtain the chemicals settled on the riverbed. Then, when boiling out the water, the fumes that fill the room are enough to kill anything within it. The fumes are also extremely flammable. Once it is done, the Sludge is stored in bottles and sold throughout Columbus's districts. In small doses, it gives people a psychedelic trip. More than that and someone will experience realistic hallucinations and their body will become numb. A user will take out a bit and rub it along the inside of their upper and lower lips to experience the effects. Sludge is known to the higher ups in the town, and is technically illegal, although stopping the production of it is hard to pursue effectively.