Name: Stephanie Archfordexternal image 685741._SY540_.jpg
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Archetype: Scavenger
Location: End of Days Mausoleum
Affiliations: Delver
Disposition: Melancholic

Character Background and Description

Stephanie never had much luck at her job. She was either in too poor of health to do much, or whatever she found was beyond repair. Her parents had been successful delvers, until a portion of the complex they were surveying collapsed on top of them and their team. Ten years is a long time to cope, but Stephanie never really recovered. Somedays she misses her parents and their comforting words, others she despises them for giving her this life. Suicide is often a daily thought, how many times has she come close to pulling the trigger? She could never do it though, there are people who depend on her, look up to her. Her little brother would be left alone in this world. Stephanie may not be able to provide much for her and her brother, but to him it only matters that she’s around. If only her work wasn’t so depressing. Only rarely does she find anything worthwhile from the old world. Nothing important however, mostly things that can be easily purchased from Omaha. The rest of the delvers give her respect, but only because of what her parents had accomplished. In reality this respect is just a thin veil for the pity the rest of the group feels for her. The tears dried up long ago, nothing is left but the sparse hope for some kind of change.

Stephanie is a thin and tall woman with blue eyes and brown hair. Her face and body are horribly scarred from the numerous boils she’s had removed. Sometimes these boils become infected and cause her to be bed ridden.