sample_pc.pngguy.jpgame: Stewart "Stew" Baines
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Archetype: Smuggler
Location: Sometimes Omaha, sometimes Columbus
Affiliations: None
Disposition: Escapist, disgruntled

Character Background and Description
Stew is a man of little wealth and lots of ambition. With only a backpack and an old four-wheeler to his name, his plan is simple: get out. Maybe up North where the water might be too cold for the hydroplague. Perhaps across the sea where the disease may not have touched. Maybe down to Mexico, where the water was bad before the plague anyway. Anywhere but Columbus. For now, his black market diesel takes him only between Columbus and Nebraska, where he scours the old ruins for anything of value, often under the nose of the vigilantes and the government. His skin is tan from years in the sun, mildly alleviating suspicions of his pure heritage while his hands appear a decade older than him from clutching the handlebars for dear life. Maybe someday he'll make it out, one way or another, but he won't stop trying regardless.