stilt2.jpgCategory: Industrial, Domestic, Transportation
Size: Medium
Weight: Medium, 7-15 pounds depending on construction
Value: uncommon/rare, sought after

Digitgrade stilts are typically an industrial transportation item. They are used by water purification workers to allow them to walk easily with their feet above ground when in shallow water. This is useful in the case of leaks, and minor flooding, where the user is immune or not. One can never be too safe. This kind of stilt is commonly used in the work place since it leaves the user's hands free.

They are built from various materials and range in quality, from metal piping, springs and old world tech, to wood and anything that can be scavenged. The higher grade versions are more common in industrial settings as work equipment, while lower grade versions can be purchased by local merchants or even crafted at home. Many of those who live in the swampy sections of Columbus will construct stilts of some kind, with these being the most common. Since they live in the swamp, to avoid the water, many people wear some form of tall and thick boots or stilts to protect themselves from the plague if they don't already have it. However, they can be difficult to craft by hand, so while sought after, they are fairly rare in these areas and are likely to be stolen.