Name: Taniya Davis
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Archetype: Boat-builder
Location: The Best Boat Builders' Yard
Affiliations: other boat-builders, her father
Disposition: Businesslike

Character Background and Description
Taniya has been working all her life. As a young girl, her father instilled an excellent work ethic in her by having her work as his assistant at his stall in the flea market. She would help him organize his wares, guard the stall when he went to take a short break, and even helped him keep accounts of all transactions that took place. Rain or shine, those days with her father were some of the best days of her life. She loved people-watching potential customers and chatting them up. And on a slow day, her father would cut her loose and let her go play with her friends or browse the wares of other stalls.

Taniya had always enjoyed working with her hands. During her down-time, she would whittle small trinkets for her father to sell. At fifteen, she was apprenticed to a boat builder at the Best Boat Builders’ Yard. She then had to leave working with her father, which he encouraged.

Her father contracted the hydroplague about a year after Taniya began her apprenticeship. She blamed herself for somehow not preventing it because she wasn’t with him as often as she used to be. She threw herself into her work as a result, determined to be able to afford the medicines that her father needed to remain alive. Every time she saw him, it seemed he had developed a new boil or rash. He survived off of the cheaper medicine concoctions until she was able to buy him the more expensive variety, which took her five years to earn. It took a toll on her psyche that she couldn’t afford the expensive variety of medicine immediately. She always wants to do her best by her daddy, the way he had always done for her. She saves all of the valuable items she can get so that she can get his medicine and get him the occasional treat. But he just wants her to be happy. It is a constant battle between the two of them because he is fine with taking the cheap medicine so she can save up more valuable items for herself, but she won’t hear of it. Nothing but the best for her daddy.