sample_pc.pngName: Taylor Lowethil_fullxfull.710935292_disv.jpg
Age: 32
Sex: Female
Archetype: (laborer, scholar, etc.): Community Helper
Location: Any lower class area, especially District 6
Affiliations: (if any faction, group, etc.): The very poor
Disposition: Lovable

Character Background and Description

A young lady who looks 10 years younger than her age, she is full of vitality and the instinct to nurture.

Taylor has grown up in the lower class district 6 but nobody would know it. Her clothes are washed and her skin is free from infestation. When she walks she does so with a smile, and when she drinks she does so in sips. Not like the others in district 6 who gulp water like starved rats and grimace at the sight of each other. Some days Taylor hands out clean water rations to district 6, other days its food, and other days it is other supplies. The point is that Taylor is always assisting district 6. She cares for the sick, ugly, old, and young alike and never shows any revulsion at those that live there.

Taylor (as a resident herself of district 6) does not have the power to acquire all these goods. She has a sponsor, Timothy Dymerski who is kind enough to donate the goods. One day he saw her helping in whatever way she could for someone about to pass. He expressed how impressed he was with her temperament and began sending small boxes of supplies for her to distribute. He also has given her some personal gifts as well, even offering for her to move out of the district. She denied this, she was born in district 6 and will die in district 6. His only request is she take notes on the condition of those that she cares for so that he can better adjust their diet and drugs which she agreed to do happily.