Category: Industrial
Size: the yard is approximately the size of a football field; the mess hall cabin is one-story and small
Condition: the yard is well-maintained, with short grass; the cabin is well-worn and sturdy
Inhabitants: boat-builders

This stretch of land near the river would be unremarkable, if not for the various wooden boats scattered about in seemingly random order. Some boats are newly finished and smoothed over, with oars laid neatly inside of them and a fresh, elegantly painted name written along the side. Other boats are not even recognizable as a boat as of yet, with nothing except a few wooden planks piled on top of each other, waiting to be put together. On any given day, ten or so boats are in various states of construction. The boats built for the upper-caste are often bigger, with cabins built on their decks to accommodate sleeping and eating. These cabins will often also be painted, but never the whole boat. The boat builders have a policy of not wasting paint, and will only paint the outside of cabins if paid well enough, They need the paint to give every boat its own unique name written along the side by the workers with the best penmanship. Even cheaper canoes made for the lower caste receive a name, chosen by the new boat owner with much pride and fanfare.

Banging and scraping fills the air of this boat-builders’ yard, as well the dust of freshly sawed boards. A yelp of pain will occasionally be heard as a board falls on a head or a thumb gets hit by a hammer. Even the most seasoned of boat-builders are not above making mistakes. There is a small wooden cabin located near the back of the yard far from the river, where the boat builders take their meals with their boss and where they can shelter from any storms that blow their way. This cabin is bare-bones, nothing but four wooden walls and a longish wooden table along the center, with twenty chairs scattered about the table, tucked into corners, or stacked up on top of each other. Diagrams for new boats are often left scattered on the table. The boat-builders are always willing to try new things and work to improve existing designs. After all, they are the best boat builders in all the land. Or at least the best boat builders in Columbus. So they say.