sand circle.jpg
Category: Public Location
Size: 10' diameter
Condition: As well-maintained as a bloodstained circle in the sand could be
Inhabitants: Two men who enter, one who leaves

It is often unwise to bring trivial matters to the attention of the local vigilantes lest they arouse their ire, but when your neighbor denies the fact that they did borrow your mason jars or you have no other way to keep their dog from pissing on your lawn, you might just have to settle it in the Cage. Little more than a circle drawn and redrawn in the sand, it is affectionately known as the Cage for its purpose. Two parties enter and settle their differences one way or another. Usually one way. The way of punching people in the face. Though it is usually decided on by the parties involved, disgruntled neighbors sick of listening to the bickering can put the matter on the table. Fights are brutal and short to avoid attracting the attention of vigilantes (though some don't care), but rarely do they escalate out of control or end in fatalities. Some bet their hard-earned water rations on the fights here, though this kind of conduct can lead to even more people within the Cage.