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Size: 200 feet in diameter, 15 feet deep
Condition: Muddy, unkempt
Inhabitants: Grody Smith and his three farmhand sons

The Cow Pit is a hole in the ground where Grody Smith’s herd of beef cattle are kept. It was originally a pasture where Grody Smith’s herd grazed. However, about five years ago a sinkhole appeared in the pasture and most of Grody’s herd fell in. Instead of shooting them, he decided to let his herd stay down there instead of fencing them in somewhere. The cows no longer graze on fresh grass; Grody and his sons throw down hay to them instead. When a cow needs to come out of the pit, a rope is tied around it and the four of them will hoist the cow out using a pulley system. The cows are in a terrible condition, and disease is common due to their cramped space. The pit is muddy and smells constantly of manure. One can buy a cow from Grody for its beef, and for an extra water ration he will slaughter it for you with dirty, blood crusted equipment. Grody’s beef is commonly bought by the poorer families.