external image holeinwall1.jpg
Category: Commercial (Food)
Size: Small building/stall. No seating room
Condition: Shabby, built post apocalypse, hole in the wall establishment
Inhabitants: The owner, Doug

Doug's Crockpot Stop is a location that popped up at some point in the past: post apocalypse, pre now. No one really knows when it appeared, but it's been a staple of the town ever since. Centrally located in the city, right near the intersection of a couple districts, everyone has access to come eat, but because it's so close to the industrial shipping area, people who don't bring lunches to work can stop here for a bite to eat before heading back to work. The meal doesn't change, but is never the same: A heaping scoop of whatever's in Doug's Crockpot on top of a pile of rice. No one is sure exactly what's in the crockpot, or exactly where the rice came from, but no one seems to mind. The story goes that Doug found a crockpot after the war, and started cooking with it whenever there was electricity. It became a staple of his cooking, and business picked up soon after. If you stop in during normal hours, when there's a line nearly around the block, you'll give up your money for a bowl of food as quickly as possible so that everyone can get some, but if you stop in at an odd time sometimes you can get Doug to come out and have a little chat about some old technology that's been put back together, or maybe some more refined cooking techniques.