Category: Civic
Size: 12,000 sq feet
Condition: Some structural damage, organized interior
Inhabitants: Volunteer Librarians

The Columbus Library serves the public of Columbus as an information resource and a community center. The building's structure has wear, but is still stable and maintained. It is low-lit with heavy curtains to prevent further light damage to the books. Along with books, the library also collects old world artifacts, committed to preserving the past. Some of these artifacts include newspapers, flash drives, art pieces, and board games which are stored in the basement. Many books were stolen or went missing, of the missing books have been restocked with donations from patrons.

The majority of the books have yellowed and are showing their age and wear, so patrons are forbidden from leaving the library with them, and must wear gloves when reading. The library has no profit from government assistance, and is entirely volunteer-run. Volunteers are muscular and carry weapons, serving their commitment to protect books.

The Library is guarded by a bouncer at all times, who allows only trusted locals to enter. Since no one is allowed to leave the library with books to prevent theft and destruction, a pat-down is required before entering and exiting the premises.