Category: Public Location
Size: 7 feet in diameter
Condition: Working
Inhabitants: Soup Nazi Jerome, thirsty civilians

The only working outdoor fountain in the district, this fountain provides the minimum ration to those who have had their water shut off. Those who have had recent run-ins with the law often find themselves in line to pick up their penal ration, clutching their bottles, canteens or whatever they can find to hold water. It is guarded around the clock by the ever-watchful hired vigilante Jerome 'Soup Nazi' Gravels. Those in the wrong know better than to approach the fountain without a penal ration badge, and have developed lightning-quick reflexes to let go of the button at the cry of "That's enough, now git!" Frequently surrounding the fountain are the unconscious bodies of those who did not heed this warning earlier, leaving many sore people in the evening with a 'soup nazi hangover.' After ration hours, the fountain is covered with a modified gun safe, dissuading any from attempting to get more water off the clock.