Category: Civic/ Commercial
external image cbk?panoid=w_UA3bs_CtWQnNFFaFRDrA&output=thumbnail&cb_client=search.TACTILE.gps&thumb=2&w=408&h=256&yaw=358.43454&pitch=0Size: What used to be a wide open parking lot.
Condition: Various booths of all shapes and sizes
Inhabitants: People trying to sell t
heir goods and services

The Open Market is located on the crossroads of 4 of the six districts. It is a place where people go to sell and trade for goods and services once every week. In a time where most aspects of life are meant to benefit the community as a whole, it is one of the few places where people can go and barter for things they need or want for themselves. Anyone can go and set up a spot for themselves to showcase what they have to offer. It is very rare to see resources such as water, fuel, and drugs being traded here, although it has happened in the past. Food, clothing, and even art pieces are exchanged. Old world items are moved through hands here as well. It is also one of the few places where the districts interact with each other extensively outside of working, though it is mostly the lower and middle classes. Vigilantes are usually around to monitor the area and make sure things stay under control.