Category: Business
Size: Small 3 room residence
Condition: Run down but sustainable
Inhabitants: Vigilante group (5-10 members)
Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=z-bprCACugw0.k8M3FrhgHs6c&ll=41.44105%2C-97.34946


“Bring us your problems and we’ll settle it outback” - Outback slogan

Even Vigilantes need a bit of organization sometimes, and the outback is one of such places to find a small den of them. Generally picking up jobs patrolling the borders, the outback is an on call group of vigilantes who reside in this tiny shed that has managed to stay standing through the all of the world's recent hardships. They take any job if the trade is fair (for them at least), leaving a board outside for the lower class, and gladly welcoming upper class messengers with open arms through their doors. Useful in a pinch but deadly if your name should appear on their board, lest you be taken care of outback.