An unmodified prod

Category: Weapon
Size: 3'
Weight: 10lb
Value: Rare, Not generally traded.

The Prod


The Prod has been employed by the Water Escorts as a potentially nonlethal, nonwasteful way of dispatching attacking humans as well as wildlife. Due to a lack of effective firearms, and an even greater drought of bullets, most violent encounters on the roads between Columbus and the capital are fought with close range, bludgeoning weapons. While once intended for cattle, the prods have since been modified to deliver a heavier, debilitating dose of electricity, and have been fortified to withstand concussive impact.


20 years after the creation of the town of Columbus, a routine scavenging party dispatched 50 miles northeast of Columbus discovered a warehouse containing Lazy Farmer branded farm equipment. Inside, 80 crates containing 50 cattle prods each were discovered amongst other farm equipment. The prods, along with other useful equipment, were transferred back to the city of Columbus. They remained in the city, mostly being used for spare parts, until then engineering apprentice Johnathan Delbert removed unessential safety components from a charged model in the interest of “...seeing what it feels like to lick”. Jonathan was found unresponsive on the floor, and was revived using an fully changed unmodified prod against the soft tissue on his outer thigh.

While written off as a workplace incident and forgotten about, Delbert spent the next 3 months making modifications to a prod he stole from the workshop [see Modifications], presenting the completed design to his superior, who promptly promoted the device for use in city defense.


The Prod boasts a significantly higher charge capacity than that of the basic model. Optimized for combat, The Prod utilizes a spiked, coiled copper head 3 inches long to allow for easy contact. Safety features, such as the overuse killswitch and voltage regulator have been disabled. The shaft has been fortified to allow for use as a bludgeoning weapon.

A male plug is present at the base, allowing the device to hook up to an external power source transported with the caravan, allowing the device to remain changed even on the go.

A squeezing switch was added to the handle, allowing the device to be activated only when holding the handle tightly.


The Prod is intended first and foremost as a defensive measure. Escorts are expected to keep the weapon at their hip unless clear signs of a violent encounter are present. When intention of use is present, the user would hold the handing tightly, depressing the switch located on the backend of the handle. The user should aim at center mass of the creature they intend on attacking, all attacks should be dealt with the intention to kill.