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Category: Commercial
Size: Medium-sized
Condition: Working, but run down
Inhabitants: No inhabitants, it is a business.

A building that is on the outskirts of Columbus, The Stop used to be a trailer store. Now it is used for the more illicit business of same race relationships. With the cultural and social pressures on having interracial relationships so heavy, some residents like to stay out of the public eye when looking to satisfy their needs with another of the same race. For this they go to The Stop. Old trailers still in the yard are used as rooms that people can pay for to enjoy themselves. It even provides its patrons with a selection of people they can choose from, both men and women. Although it is located in sector one, it lies on the border of sector two and sees people from all over the city come to use its services. One wouldn't be surprised to see a doctor or even a vigilante enter one of the trailers. It is a place whose customers all know what they're there for and don't tend to mingle with one another.