Size:Pretty Big, Airport sized
Condition:Not new but not bad
Inhabitants:Vivian Greenwich, Tower Citizen, Aviation Enthusiasts

The Tower

Located at the Columbus Airport, The Tower is a sovereign nation inside the walls of Columbus, led by the detached Vivian Greenwich. For most of Columbus’ life, the Columbus Municipal Airport acted as a dumping ground for waste and refuse. Vivian’s acquisition of the airport occurred 8 years before present day after a conflictless declaration of independence. The Airport Pact was formed between the then lord of Columbus and Vivian, allowing her full control over the property.

The Airport Pact

This pact allowed for the independence of The Tower from the rest of Columbus. As per the pact’s statements, Columbia would provide The Tower and its people with a ration of food and water, in exchange for surveillance services maintained by residents in the upper portion of the ATC tower. The Tower would report all incoming individuals and observe for large caravans or the like. An unspoken but arguably more crucial reason for the existence of the pact is the ability for The Tower to act as a buffer zone between the upper and lower classes of Columbia. Possible attacks from the lower classes would have to funnel through or along The Tower’s perimeters, meaning lethal action can be taken while keeping the then lord’s hands clean of the blood.


The Tower, arguably a misnomer, in fact refers to the entirety of the airport, while the most significant feature of the airport and The Tower's namesake, the ATC tower, is only a small component of the larger entity. The underground tunnels spanning the entire length of the land act as storage, recreational, and living spaces, while the defunct hangers hold any odds and ends that may be of interest to the sovereign nation.


Non-Tower individuals are granted access on a case by case basis, generally off of a barter system. One can buy their way in with skill, services, or items. Once granted, visitors have access to the underground and ‘first floor’ sections of The Tower.

Self Sufficiency

No exact numbers have been given, nor death have been counted, but the systems in place on the property appear to work effectively. Agricultural grounds grow low moister content plants, while rainwater and condensation collectors keep an internal reservoir filled at most times. It is unknown if water collected by the compound itself is pure enough to be considered safe, and so visitors are encouraged to bring their own water, and only consume from verified sources.


While Vivian Greenwich is considered the defacto leader of The Tower, in reality she avoids directly leading the people under her control. Most citizen of The Tower subscribe to Columbia’s rule of law, and spend most of their time outside of the compound. While unspoken, it is widely understood that The Tower is nothing more but a glorified gated community lead by a narcissist.