Category: Food (beverage)
Size: The size of a 1-liter bottle
Weight: Whatever one liter of wine weighs
Value: Priceless

Agriculture went south when the water went bad. Nowadays water is only used for one thing, and that is water stuff and water stuff only. That's why with such scarce produce, let alone alcohol, it would be difficult to imagine how a bottle of wine managed to find its way to Columbus. That being said, almost everyone in Columbus knows the rumor that somewhere within the six districts is a bottle of real, honest-to-goodness wine, just waiting to be enjoyed, an alcoholic beverage with a significantly lower chance to cause internal bleeding or diarrhea than the usual selection. Some say that somewhere in the ruins of the Old City, in some former spirits store's wreckage, it remains untouched among a sea of broken bottles. Others say it is hidden beneath any number of prominent buildings in some long-forgotten cellar. Regardless of where it is said to reside, many have searched for it, all have failed. This has done little to dissuade the search for it, a common downtime activity among the residents of Columbus. Perhaps a taste of it will bring back memories of a simpler time, or at least provide a bit of respite from the monotony of life in Columbus.