Scotland's Unexplained - Standing Stones.jpg
Category: Religious
Size: 4 ft - 12 ft varying
Condition: Weathered

The Wardings are a collection of raised stone boulders and pillars, marked with the hazmat symbol of protection, that stand between Columbus and the contaminated river. The stones were raised at the high-water mark of the river around one hundred years ago by the original survivors of the Hydroplague, to better mark the danger zone.

Later generations added the hazmat symbol after they observed how often it was placed around contaminated areas in other towns, and took it to be a symbol of protection. Originally, the stones had been placed along the complete length of the river and floodplains, but protests from the ship builders and harbor masters caused the ones that disrupted their businesses to be pulled down.

The Warding Stones are placed roughly ten yards apart, and while weathered, have remained standing for as long as anyone can remember. Over the course of many years, sailors on the river have given each and every stone its own name. They even have tradition where, if they can name every one before they pass it by, the voyage will be blessed with safety and good luck.

The small time crime (and artistic graffiti) gang call the Red Hand like to hang out in this area. They are a group of lower class and very poor individuals who seek a pure collectivism and look out for the little people.