sample_pc.pngName: Three Lobed Harri Doge
Age: 46
Sex: Female
Archetype: Blacksmith
Location: Veriza's Forge
Affiliations: Veriza's Forge & Crafters
Disposition: Irreligious

Character Background and Description

Harri Doge was born to the Doge family in the Industrial sector of Colombus closest to the slums. Although her parents were fairly healthy, Harri’s mother contracted minor symptoms of the Hydroplague during her early months of pregnancy. Although they prayed fervently that it wouldn’t affect their child, Harri was later born with a second ear lobe on her right ear. During early childhood, she was relentlessly teased by her peers for her deformity, prompting her to do anything she could to hide the earlobe, including growing out her hair and beginning to wrap a scarf tightly around her face.

It was only when she was 12 years old, standing near a tree where she saw the deformed and health challenged children of the slums play, did she realize that her ear was not her entire being, but merely a part of something bigger, something that she could still find happiness in. Even though she slowly learned to love herself, cutting her hair short and wearing her scarf less and less, her parents remained adamant that she could be fixed through prayer, and was made to suffer through a sermon about the power of the twin snakes to bring good health and keep away disease. Over time, Harri began to resent the Caduceus, on the surface seeing it as a mere tool to let her family passively shame her for something she cannot control, and secretly despising it for the bullying she put up with in her youth.

Shortly after her 22nd birthday, Harri would go on to work at Veriza’s Forge, and eventually succeed her father as the chief of operations. Unlike her father and mother, strict, stern and devout fundamentalists, Harri is relaxed, boisterous, and filled with an energy that invites people to join her. She’s somewhat short, with a pudgy brown frame and tough, dry hands. She frequently encourages her employees to do their best, and personally sees to training the most promising of apprentices right before they officially join the workforce. Despite this, whenever religion comes up, Harri immediately changes the subject, often stating “the Caduceus may spit venom and good health, but the only spit I wanna see is the molten steel falling off your work!”