sample_pc.pngName: Timothy Dymerski medical-laboratory-scientists.jpg
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Archetype: Medical Scientist
Location: Orths Square Apartments
Affiliations: (if any faction, group, etc.): Poor in need of medicine/ food (through Taylor Loweth, and also to an outside city)
Disposition: Neglectful

Character Background and Description

Timothy started his life in a much nicer city than Columbus. They had abundant water treatment, farms, cattle, electricity, and medication. They had started to print paper currency and had laboratories determined to investigate the disease. Unfortunately they also had forbid direct experimentation on humans without first having several animal trials. Timothy set off with an armed guard and a portable lab to find a place without any civil refinement and found Columbus. The government was fairly free, or at least free enough for him to get away with his experiments.

Timothy has many good ideas for how the disease evolves over time, one of which is that those with more Neanderthal DNA are more susceptible to the disease. To test this he moved to Columbus to watch the disease destroy the city, for the sake of scientific progress of course. His plan was to focus on district 6, pull healthy as well as ill participants, then analyze their blood for genetic makeup and the level of white blood cells to determine the progression of the disease and how their immune system is responding.

After spending some time in the city he was not used to the conditions. He unknowingly contracted the disease himself, likely from eating food with impure water. He currently has some boils, which he hides under his clothing to maintain his appearance. With intense vigor he has switched the purpose of his research. His medicine is running low and he couldn’t make the trip back home, so he must come up with new treatments for the disease. Taylor Loweth is assisting him by distributing various untested drugs to the populace. Some of the drugs may work, some may make things worse, but all he needs is one to make him healthy enough for the trip back home. The effects to the already dying community are negligible.