external image 75145ad0c49957260e6486bbdbebbc72.jpgName: Typhoid Mary Sue
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Location:Roaming, due to nature of work, frequents Heathen Yard
Affiliations: Hired Vigilantes

Motivation: Being the best vigilante in Columbus, enacting justice, avenging her father

Disposition: Prejudiced
Health: Death Imminent
Economic Class: Middle Class

Character Background and Description:
Typhoid Mary Sue is the current highest ranking vigilante in all of Columbus (just check the official Wall of Heathens at Heathen Yard). She comes from the bloodline of the original patient zero of the hydroplague, and as such she has the most violent, painful strain of the disease, yet somehow, the effects are merely internal. Her perfect skin is miraculously unblemished by a single boil, however, it constantly feels like her insides are on fire. Immaculately beautiful, unreasonably dangerous, and impossibly talented, Mary Sue lives up to her name by being perfect at literally everything without even trying. After watching her father die at the hands of a vigilante at the age of 4, she decided to take justice into her own hands, becoming a vigilante herself, making a personal promise to be the best damn rogue in Columbus to honor the death of her father. She is still currently searching for the man responsible for his death, but rest assured, one fateful day he will be graced with a swift bullet between the eyes. Health-wise, she is and has been on the verge of death for years now. Her perfect little body just won't keel over, somehow. She is a walking curiosity in the eyes of Columbus' most renowned doctors. Her signature weapon, The Featherduster, is a DC 17" long barrel revolver that can pin a target from up to 500 yards away. She has never missed a single shot with the gun. She is greatly prejudiced against other vigilantes who merely kill for the fun or the rewards, as she accepts no payment for the work she does for hire. Justice is her priority. She has a close relationship with her uncle, Measles Mercer ("Uncle Measy," as she calls him) who owns Heathen Yard, a vigilantes-only saloon which she frequents on the daily.