Category: Food Item
Size: Anywhere from Jerky to Steak to Deer roast
Weight: depending on size, 4 oz is expensive, but affordable on rare occasions
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Value: Very rare, eaten by the rich, and middle class on occasion

Before the disease broke out deer were everywhere. The disease hit the deer hard though, and soon a deer sighting was rare, like seeing the tail of a fox disappear into the woods as the sun rises. No longer was roadkill an issue, no one drives often enough to hit the few deer anyway. Anyway, a few decades after the apocalypse, when life started settling down again, someone got a craving for some venison, and went hunting. The deer had only just started to show back up in the wildlife - no one knows where they were until then. Some say that they survived through interbreeding, others claim that there's a source of purified water somewhere in the wilderness that kept enough deer alive that they could build an immunity and repopulate. Whatever the cause, after that first hunter sold off some of his excess venison, a craze began. The deer were hard to find though, and scarce, and so while the demand rose, the supply remained low, and the price jumped enough that a small group of people make a living hunting deer, and a smaller group of people support that living by buying the venison that they produce.